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The Molly looks like she's in the doghouse! Someone must've been bad...

Treating heartworm in shelter dogs: Yes, you can!

Do you think treating heartworm in shelter dogs is expensive, difficult, and impractical? Would it surprise you to know that veterinarians and students of the UF Veterinary Community Outreach Program have developed a treatment plan that’s affordable and successful?

Chaos and order organisation mess in office businessman business man concept

Just say no to chaos in the animal shelter: Here’s how

When it comes to smooth operations at animal shelters, what goes hand in hand with daily rounds? The development and use of standard operating procedures, or SOPs.


Former UF shelter medicine resident helping bring community cat program to Gran Canaria

Here’s an update from former UF Maddie’s Shelter Medicine resident Dr. Katherine Polak on work she’s leading on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria.

cute puppy dog peeking under railing on porch

The Target Zero effect: Helping communities end shelter euthanasia

Out of the success of animal shelter evolution in Jacksonville, Fla., grew Target Zero, a group that helps communities end euthanasia in their shelters and save 95 percent or more of their homeless pets.

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