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Giving ringworm a ‘clean break’ in your animal shelter

How do you stop the cycle of ringworm transmission in an animal shelter? By giving it a clean break, said Dr. Sandra Newbury at the University of Florida’s Maddie’s® Shelter […]

Registration for summer shelter certificate and Masters degree programs opens Monday, March 27!

Do you want to grow your skills in the field of animal sheltering or shelter medicine? Do you currently work full-time, or live outside of the Gainesville area? Then the […]

Shelters unite in central Vietnam to end the cruel dog meat trade

Former MSMP resident Dr. Katherine Polak teamed up with Adam Parascandola from Humane Society International for a series of lectures on how to tackle the dog and cat meat trade.

What animal shelters need to know when it’s not kennel cough after all

Every shelter dreads it: the sound of dogs coughing. It might mean kennel cough… or it might not. Do you know how to identify the pathogens behind the outbreak, and how to respond?

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