Maddie’s® On-Campus Professional Certificate

Exposure to a Cross-Section of Opportunities

Certificate programs are unique to the University of Florida (UF), and Maddie’s® Professional Certificate in Shelter Medicine is one of five certificates offered at UF, joining other intensive programs in Food Animal MedicineAquatic Animal Health, Veterinary Business Management, and the One Health initiative.

Sampling for infectious diseaseOur shelter medicine program exposes students to a cross‐section of opportunities in the field of shelter medicine including:

  • Care of sheltered animals
  • Animal disaster management
  • Cruelty investigation and forensics
  • Shelter animal behavior and welfare
  • High‐quality high‐volume sterilization surgery
  • Research in shelter medicine

Free Shelter Medicine Training for All UFCVM Students

Students at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine who complete an intensive program of study in Shelter Medicine will earn the Certificate in Shelter Medicine, a valuable credential that indicates readiness to practice in this rewarding field. Complete this contact form to receive announcements about all the Shelter Medicine activities, scholarships, externship travel funds, and training opportunities. Contact us for connect with an advisor and receive additional information.

A Valuable Credential for Seeking Employment

The Professional Certificate provides students who have completed an intensive training program in this field a valuable credential for seeking employment in animal sheltering or the pursuit of residency training. Certificate course offerings span all four years of the curriculum and are offered at least once each year.

Students planning to develop advanced expertise in Shelter Medicine can complete the courses, clerkships, and externships required to earn the Certificate in Shelter Medicine in tandem with their DVM. The Certificate is an internationally recognized credential documenting exceptional achievement in Shelter Medicine.