Shelter Medicine Courses

Our shelter medicine program exposes students to a cross‐section of opportunities in the field of shelter medicine including:

  • Care of sheltered animals
  • Animal disaster management
  • Cruelty investigation and forensics
  • Shelter animal behavior and welfare
  • High‐quality high‐volume sterilization surgery
  • Research in shelter medicine

Free Shelter Medicine Training for All UFCVM Students

Our veterinary students are passionate, altruistic, and in search of career opportunities that are professionally fulfilling. We are proud to provide training in Shelter Medicine to these inspirational students.

From shelter medicine courses to clinical clerkships and externships, to the Maddie’s® Certificate in Shelter Medicine, we provide the veterinary leaders of tomorrow with the skills they need to make a difference in the lives of animals. Learn more about our educational programs geared towards veterinary students.

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Course Name

Course Number

Credit Hours

On-Campus Shelter Medicine Certificate

Integrating Veterinary Medicine with Shelter Systems VEM 5321 3 Required
Shelter Animal Behavior and Welfare VEM 5320 3 Required
Shelter Animal Physical Health VEM 5381 3 Required
Shelter Medicine Externship VEM 5892 2 Required
Shelter Practice Clerkship (Gainesville)  VEM 5863 2 Required* (or VEM 5864, 5890, or 5891)
Sterilization/Population Management Clerkship (Miami)  VEM 5864 2 Required* (or VEM 5863, 890, or 5891)
Consultations in Shelter Animal Medicine Clerkship  VEM 5890 2  Required* (or VEM 5863, 5864, or 5891)
Veterinary Community Outreach Clerkship  VEM 5891 2 Required* (or VEM 5863, 5864, or 5890)
Spay/Neuter Externship VEM 5892 2 Required
Veterinary Forensic Medicine VEM 5324 1 Elective
Special Topics in Shelter Medicine VEM 5912 2 Elective
Introduction to Veterinary Disaster Response VEM 5061 1 Elective
Compassion Fatigue Strategies N/A 15 CE Available for CE
Welfare and Wellness for Pets and People VEM 5051 1 Elective