Shelter Medicine Courses

Course Name

Credit Hours

Course Number

On-Campus Professional Certificate

Online Graduate Certificate

Online Master’s Degree

Integrating Veterinary Medicine with Shelter Systems 3 VEM 5321, VME 6810 Required Required Required
Shelter Animal Behavior and Welfare 3 VEM 5320, VME 6812 Required Required Required
Shelter Animal Physical Health 3 VEM 5381, VME 6811 Required Required Required
Shelter Medicine Externship 2 VEM 5892 Required  N/A  N/A
Spay/Neuter Externship 2 VEM 5891 Required  N/A  N/A
Shelter Practice Clerkship  2 VEM 5863 Required* (or VEM 5891)  N/A  N/A
Veterinary Community Outreach  2 VEM 5891 Required* (or VEM 5863) N/A N/A
Veterinary Forensic Medicine 3 VME 6575 N/A N/A Required
Veterinary Forensic Medicine 1 VEM 5324 Elective N/A N/A
Special Topics in Shelter Medicine 2 VEM 5912 Elective N/A N/A
Introduction to Veterinary Disaster Response 1 VEM 5061, VME 6820 Elective Available for CE  Elective
Compassion Fatigue Strategies 15 CE N/A Available for CE Available for CE Available for CE
Welfare and Wellness for Pets and People 1 VEM 5051, VME 6800 N/A  N/A  Elective
Scientific Poster Writing Workshop 1 VME 6934 N/A N/A Fulfills writing requirement