Compassion Fatigue Strategies

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15 CE credits

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Spring/Fall semesters

The course will run from October 16 –December 10 for the Fall semester.

Learn six strategies to help you transform your experience with compassion fatigue

Compassion Fatigue Strategies is a unique online class designed to support people who work with animals. In this four module, self-paced class, you will establish a foundation of knowledge to help you better understand and transform your experience with compassion fatigue.


The course will help you recognize signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue, learn to manage your stress levels and increase your self-care practices, connect with the rewards of your work, build your resiliency, and commit to making successful changes in your life and in your organization.

This class is a personal exploration to help you build the self-awareness necessary to manage the impact of compassion fatigue. Please be aware that the class work can be emotionally challenging.

This class is not a substitution for professional mental health care. If you’re suffering from clinical depression, anxiety, or are having suicidal thoughts, please seek professional help.

By the end of class you’ll have six strategies to help you manage and transform your experience with compassion fatigue, your personal mission statement and goals to help you make lasting changes, a better understanding of yourself and how to engage in self-care that works for you, and the tools you need to be well, while you continue to do good work!

Lead Instructor

Jessica DolceJessica Dolce
Jessica Dolce is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator via the Green Cross of Traumatology, receiving her training through The Figley Institute and Tend Academy. She teaches compassion fatigue classes, online and around the country, to help animal care and welfare professionals be well, while they do good work. With a background in communications and animal welfare, Jessica brings fifteen years of experience working with and for companion animals to her classes. Her project, Dogs In Need Of Space, provides support to dog owners and animal care professionals around the world. Jessica has a Master of Science in Adult and Higher Education from the University of Southern Maine and can be found online at

Required Resources

No texts are required for this course. All readings and resources are contained within the online course management system.