Introduction to Veterinary Disaster Response: Online Course

– Course Numbers:
VEM 5061 / VME 6820 / all sections

– Course credit:
1 Graduate Credit Hour

– Term:
Spring / Summer / Fall

Learn How Veterinarians Can Respond to Disasters

This course introduces students to the basics of responding to disasters as a veterinary responder and builds a base for further development in responder training.  Students receive training on Incident Command Systems (ICS), learn about the role of veterinarians in disaster response through first-hand accounts and case studies, and craft their own disaster response plan and ICS organizational chart.

Students who complete the course will be added to a database of FEMA-trained basic-volunteer responders at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

Lead Instructors

John HavenJohn Haven

Director of UF College of Veterinary Medicine,
Director of UF VETS Team

 Dr. L.A. King



Required Resources

No texts are required for this course. All readings and resources are contained within the online course management system.