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What We’re Reading

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With today’s technology, a wealth of shelter-medicine-related research is at your fingertips.

Join us in the joy of discovery!

Our faculty, residents, interns, and veterinary students are dedicated to keeping up with the latest and most important scholarly work that impacts animals in shelters. Through our on-campus activities, we:

  • Host and attend shelter medicine journal clubs for in-depth discussion
  • Critically evaluate scientific methodology and strength of evidence
  • Comb the library to review published literature on shelter-related topics
  • Search publications for topics that can help us better understand (and protect!) shelter animal health and welfare

We want to share what we learn with you!

shelter medicine summer research

Thanks to a handy online tool called Mendeley, we’ll be sharing links to articles that we’re currently reading.  Our program doesn’t necessarily recommend or endorse any particular article or results, but we invite you to read along and learn with us.

You’ll get insights such as:

  • Efficacy of new treatments
  • Disease prevalence studies
  • Adoption and marketing research
  • Evaluation of diagnostic tests
  • Insights on companion animal behavior
  • Surveys on current practices

The articles we’re reading include a mix of open access and for-pay content. Unfortunately, if you do not have access to a for-pay article, we will not be able to provide it to you. We recommend that you check at your local library to request access through interlibrary loan. However, we note that in many cases, the abstract alone can be interesting and useful, and abstracts are almost always provided free. Additionally, many of the articles which we read are open access, available to all.

So put on your critical thinking cap and join us in exploring new research, treatment recommendations, seminal publications, and other important findings.

Cats at the Hong Kong SPCA.

Clicking on an article title in the sidebar will take you to a page with the article’s abstract, links to the original text, and helpful papers on related topics.

And if you’d like some insight on how you can apply what you learn in your shelter, please contact us!