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Florida Shelter Animal Census: A snapshot of statewide intake and disposition

The Florida shelter census project has been completed. Thank you to all of the shelters who participated!

Florida Shelter Animal CensusFlorida animal shelters are invited to join a statewide initiative to develop a reliable snapshot of the state’s shelter animal census.

Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program is responding to a request for information that we frequently receive from Florida shelter managers:

How many cats and dogs are admitted to shelters each year and what happens to them?

By collecting a basic set of intake and disposition data from all shelters in the state, we’ll create a baseline for future reports. The data from each shelter will be combined into pooled regional data, so that each shelter can compare its region to other areas of the state.


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Is Your Shelter on the Map?

Turn the markers green by participating in this year’s shelter census! 

Click here to track responses on our map.