UF students invited to register for Shelter Medicine electives


All electives earn credit toward Maddie’s® Certificate in Shelter Medicine.


VEM 5890 Consultations in Shelter Animal Medicine

Block K – October 8-21, 2012

Block V – March 11-24, 2013

2 credits (juniors and seniors)

Participate side-by-side with shelter medicine faculty, residents, and interns while performing an assessment of animal shelter operations to help increase life-saving and animal welfare. The first week of the clerkship will be held at the College of veterinary medicine and the second week will be spent off-site at an animal shelter. Travel is required, with costs covered by the shelter medicine program.

Please note that VEM 5891, the year-round Shelter Animal Medicine Clerkship taught by Dr. DiGangi and Dr. Isaza, is scheduled by Curriculum Coordinator Dot McColskey in the Office for Student Services.


VEM 5342 Community Cat Management

August 6-10, 2012

1 credit (juniors and seniors)

While innovative strategies are saving lives across the country, euthanasia rates for stray and feral cats remain stubbornly high in many communities. This intensive week-long course will explore the magnitude of the community cat population and strategies for humane management. Students will learn to perform high-quality high-volume spay/neuter for cats during daily surgery labs. Prerequisite: spay/neuter externship, Operation Catnip spay experience, shelter medicine clerkship, or other documentation of advanced spay/neuter skills.

VEM 5061 Introduction to Veterinary Disaster Response


1 credit (all classes)

Whether it’s a hurricane, chemical spill, or large-scale cruelty case, animals depend on veterinarians to respond in an efficient and effective manner.  This course starts with an introductory presentation on the unique opportunities for veterinarians to help when natural or man-made disasters threaten the lives and welfare of animals and finishes with self-paced on-line training modules. Upon completion, students will be credentialed to join the UF VETS disaster response team and to deploy to state and national declared disasters.

VEM 5320 Shelter Animal Behavior and Welfare

Block N (week 2) and O (week 1) – November 26-December 10, 2012

1 credit (junior and seniors)

Behavior issues are a major cause of pet loss from the home and a barrier to adoption from shelters. In addition, even a short stay in an animal shelter can be frightening and stressful to homeless pets. Students will learn to assess the behavior and welfare of shelter animals and learn practical techniques for overcoming these threats to shelter animals.


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