All About Cats

Cats awaiting rescueMaddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program was pleased to host the Florida Association of Animal Welfare Organizations July meeting at the University of Florida on July 12, 2012.

Dr. Julie Levy presented three short sessions, All About Cats, examining three important facets of sheltering for felines: infectious disease, statistics, and lifesaving programs. Presentation handouts and supporting materials are available here for download and use in your shelter.


Beyond URI: Coping with Infectious Diseases Encountered in Large-Scale Cat Seizures

Large-scale cat seizures can happen in any community; whether responding to an animal sanctuary gone awry or intervening in a hoarding case, shelters and their veterinarians should be prepared to recognize, treat, and prevent further spread of certain infectious diseases.  In this presentation, Dr. Levy provides insights based on a series of Florida cases involving more than 2,000 cats.

Counting Cats: Taming Shelter Statistics for Transparency and Strategy

The way in which we calculate key metrics has a dramatic impact on the data we present to our communities, and can make transparency difficult.  This presentation identifies key metrics and methods for standardizing data reporting.

No-Frill No-Kill: a New Approach to Saving Cats?

This presentation explores innovative approaches to saving cats’ lives, particularly in communities where shelter euthanasia rates are high.