Welcome to Five Continents of Online Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Students

Where do the students who are studying online with us this fall reside? The answer seems to be, everywhere!

The ninety veterinarians and veterinary students enrolled in Maddie’s® Graduate Certificate in Shelter Medicine courses this term reside on 5 continents.

Those who are still pursuing their veterinary training as 2nd to 4th year veterinary students, interns, or residents represent eight colleges of veterinary medicine across the USA, Canada, West Indies, and Greece. Hello to Louisiana State University, University of Minnesota, The Ohio State University, Cornell University, University of Prince Edward Island, Ross University, University of Thessaly, and University of Florida.

Our online students also include faculty from Oklahoma State University and Western University of Health Sciences.

Indeed, this emerging specialty area of veterinary practice seems to have a wide audience of practitioners interested in advancing the knowledge and skills they need to better protect the health and welfare of homeless dogs and cats across our globe.

Welcome fall 2013 students to VME 6811 Shelter Animal Physical Health and VME 6810 Integrating Veterinary Medicine with Shelter Systems. We are glad you chose to pursue your training with us at Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program.