Special Cases Need Specialized Knowledge

cricketShelter medicine is saving lives!

If not managed well, distemper can wreak havoc in an animal shelter.  But with a cool head and a warm heart, a shelter medicine veterinarian can treat distemper-infected dogs so they come out with wagging tails and wet noses.

When SPCA Tampa Bay discovered that 3 new puppies tested positive for distemper, shelter veterinarian Dr. Heather Campbell called Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program to get another set of eyes on the problem.

Dr. Campbell holds the Maddie’s Certificate in Shelter Medicine from UF and knew that euthanasia wasn’t the only option for these puppies.  Dr. Campbell and our infectious disease specialist Dr. Cynda Crawford put together a treatment plan and monitoring strategy.  Our shelter medicine lab assisted with determining the management plan.

Today’s update proves everything is going well!  Cricket, Odin, and Bert are in foster homes, hoping to find their new families any day.  Just email Dr. Campbell if you’d like to meet them in person!

The Power of Shelter Medicine

Cricket and her friends are just three reasons that shelter medicine training is so critical to saving lives!  You can help train more veterinarians to treat these special cases – make a donation to Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program.