Registration is now open for Fall 2015

Register now for Shelter Animal Physical Health for the Fall 2015 semester!

dog_animal_shelter Shelter Animal Physical Health will help students evaluate and modify protocols to enhance the physical health and well-being of sheltered dogs and cats as well as recognize and respond to common threats to physical health. The course explores important medical concepts related to population management, sanitation, facility design, animal housing, preventive healthcare, and best practices for diagnosing and managing infectious disease outbreaks common to the shelter setting.

Online Graduate Certificate, Master’s Degree, and Non-Degree students can also enroll in Integrating Veterinary Medicine with Shelter Systems for the Fall, and the Scientific Poster Writing Workshop for Master’s Degree students will also be offered this coming semester.

The Fall 2015 semester begins August 24

Online Graduate Certificate and Master’s Degree students can register here. On-Campus Professional students can register here.

To learn more about and apply for enrollment in our programs, visit the Programs section of our website.

For additional information regarding registration and enrollment in our Online programs, please e-mail or call (352) 273-8691. On-campus students interested in our Professional Certificate can e-mail


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