Video: How (and why) to vaccinate cats in the tail

There are only two questions people have about vaccinating a cat in the tail: How on earth, and why on earth, would anyone want to do it?

It used to be standard practice to vaccinate cats in the shoulder area. With the rise of concerns over rare but deadly injection site sarcomas, feline practitioners recommended shifting those injections to the hind legs. While this won’t prevent the development of the tumors, it does make treatment easier. That’s because a limb can easily be amputated, while surgery in the shoulder area is more difficult and less successful.

That’s the why; what about the how? Dr. Julie Levy of the Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida conducted a studynof that exact question. In the video below, she walks viewers through the steps, and demonstrates that tail vaccinations are easier on both cat and veterinary care provider than you’d have imagined.