Shelters unite in central Vietnam to end the cruel dog meat trade

Two weeks ago in Vinh City, Vietnam, former Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program resident Dr. Katherine Polak teamed up with Adam Parascandola from Humane Society International to deliver a series of lectures and tabletop exercises to help build the capacity of local groups working throughout the country to tackle the dog and cat meat trade.

The Advanced Shelter Management Training Workshop was designed to provide practical training to ten local groups located throughout the country and involve key government officials, in an effort to strengthen political and public support to end the dog meat trade and provide humane care for rescued animals.

The workshop was facilitated by the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA), a coalition involving Animal Asia, Humane Society International, Soi Dog Foundation, Change for Animals, and Four Paws. Topics covered included disaster sheltering considerations, preventive health protocols, and practical tips and tricks for keeping sheltered animals healthy.

Mr Duong Tat Thang, the Director of Area 3 Animal Health, delivered the workshop’s opening speech, pledging his commitment to working with ACPA to fulfill Vietnam’s pledge to eliminate rabies by 2020 and to end the illegal dog meat trade. ACPA members hope to further their collaboration and support of local groups and authorities to encourage enforcement of existing regulations and strengthen community awareness of the human health risk that the dog meat trade poses.