April 3 deadline to enroll for online Masters in shelter medicine!

The April 3 deadline to enroll for an online Master of Science in Veterinary Medical Sciences with a Concentration in Shelter Medicine is almost here!

This program is open to both veterinarians and non-veterinarians who work in, or would like to work in, the animal shelter field.

There has never been a greater need for skilled professionals in the field of sheltering. Keep up with the evolution of our field, take your career to the next level, and find ways to make sustainable, systemic change for animals!

This 30-credit master’s degree can be completed in as little as two years, completely online. There is no campus visit requirement, and you can complete classes from anywhere in the world.

The degree focuses on the advanced knowledge required to successfully practice evidence-based medicine or manage operations in a shelter environment. Interactive online courses teach you how to:

  • Prevent and manage infectious diseases common to animal shelters
  • Conduct a veterinary forensic investigation
  • Prevent and modify behavior and welfare issues
  • Assess shelter practices against ASV Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters
  • Review the scientific literature to determine whether shelter practices are evidence-based
  • Protect public health and safety due to dangerous animals and zoonotic diseases
  • Evaluate the adequacy of a business plan created for a non-profit organization
  • Communicate effectively with shelter stakeholders about best practices for shelter operations

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