PetSmart Charities offers grants to keep pets out of shelters

PetSmart Charities wants to help keep pets out of shelters through two grant opportunities open for application through June 30, 2017.

Intake Diversion Grant

The first opportunity “focuses on reducing pet homelessness by helping organizations make wellness services, behavioral training and education more accessible to pet parents.”

These may include:

  • Community-based programs aimed at spay/neuter* education or vaccinations
  • Programs that promote affordable pet wellness
  • Reducing intake through behavior training programs
  • Humane education support
  • Pet resource centers/call centers
  • Owner retention programs
  • Intervention programs

Get more information and apply here.

Keep Pets and Families Together Grant

This grant is “dedicated to providing support through life’s toughest moments by creating resources for families facing homelessness, victims and survivors of domestic violence, and/or military leave that would enable them to keep their pet.”

It includes these programs:

  • Building/increasing space* within homeless shelters to house pets
  • Building/increasing space* within domestic violence shelters to house pets
  • Animal welfare organizations creating additional space* to house pets
  • Subsidized pet boarding and/or veterinary services
  • Pet food pantries

*Modifications under $50,000.

Learn more and apply here.

Remember… the deadline is June 30, 2017. Apply now!