Cameron Moore joins UF team to help save the lives of 1 million shelter cats

There’s a new kitty in town! Cameron Moore, part of the team that created Target Zero, has joined the Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program at UF as Million Cat Challenge Program Manager.

If you haven’t heard about the Million Cat Challenge, it’s a joint project of Maddie’s Fund®, our program, the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, and the ASPCA®. That’s a lot of power dedicated to cat-saving, and a natural fit for Cameron. She launched the renowned Feral Freedom program in Jacksonville, Fla., which served as the cornerstone to helping the city achieve and maintain a live release rate of over 90 percent.

During her time at Target Zero, Cameron completed over 50 shelter assessments in 16 states, and helped them identify opportunities to implement proven best practices and increase lifesaving. She also helped communities find ways to not only improve the live outcome of shelter animals, but prevent homelessness and keep pets out of the shelters and with families who love them.

In her role at UF, Cameron will be in charge of lending a helping paw to shelters that are participating in the Million Cat Challenge, supporting them as they implement initiatives that will drive feline lifesaving in their communities. She’ll also work with them so they become more engaged with their fellow Challengers.

Unbelievably, there’s more!

Welcome to UF and the Million Cat Challenge, Cameron!