Spring forward into shelter operations grants

happy dogWhen you set your clocks ahead this weekend, do two other things: Change the batteries in your smoke detectors, and apply for a shelter operations grant from PetSmart Charities!

Animal shelters with a physical brick and mortar location that the organizations owns or leases long-term have until March 28 to apply for an operations grant, which are designed to “support core sheltering functions that are scalable and represent a shelter’s move toward sustainable and innovative sheltering practices.”

The grants will cover:

  • Systematic improvements or additions that focus on shelter population management, such as improved disease treatment protocols, enrichment, shelter sanitation protocols, shelter technology
  • Adoption programs or infrastructure improvements designed to decrease the length of stay

Excluded are requests for infrastructure or vehicles over $100,000.

Sound good? We thought you’d like it! Head over to the grant application website and apply today!