UF Shelter Medicine at the 2019 Florida Animal Control Association Conference

ginger cat lying in a suitcase with sunglasses and sunhatThe hottest ticket in the country will be this weekend’s Florida Animal Control Association​ Conference — and our team will be there!

Stop by our booth for cutting edge sheltering tips, and also keep an eye out for our roving ambassadors who can let you know how you can get a free shelter consultation from our team!

We know you’ll have a lot of great sessions to choose from at the conference, but we hope you’ll join us as we examine the issue of managed intake at municipal shelters, and present a big-picture, data-driven “State of the State” of Florida’s shelters!

Managed Intake at Florida’s Municipal Shelters: Positive Approaches to Preventing Animal Homelessness, Optimizing Outcomes, and Serving Communities
Panel discussion moderated by Cameron Moore and Chrissy Sedgley, Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida
Friday, March 1
10:20 am-noon
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Municipal shelters throughout the state have developed innovative programs to manage how and when animals enter the shelter so they can receive the best possible care and outcome. These programs identify the right solution for each animal, whether it is helping citizens keep their pets, assisting with placement outside of the shelter system, turning Good Samaritans into immediate fosters to keep at-risk animals out of the shelter, scheduling appointments to coordinate intake, expediting emergency intakes, and creating collaborative partnerships to prevent homelessness when possible. Not only do these programs increase the level of service to residents, but they also free up time for animal control officers to better protect public and animal safety. Florida’s municipal shelters are creating trends that are being duplicated across the country. In this lively and participatory session, Florida shelter leaders will share their pioneering stories of practical and impactful innovation.

The State of the State in 2019: Florida’s Animal Sheltering Trends and the Road Ahead
Presented by Cameron Moore and Chrissy Sedgley, Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida
Friday, March 1
4:30-5:30 pm
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In 2013, the Florida legislature enacted a statute mandating the public reporting of animal shelter data. For the first time in the state’s history, it became possible to answer critical questions, such as, “How many cats and dogs are admitted to Florida’s shelters each year and what becomes of them?” and “How is animal sheltering in Florida changing over time?” The number of animal intakes and euthanasias continued to trend downward in 2018, whereas adoptions, transfers, and return-to-field increased. The statewide save rate increased, with multiple counties reaching the 90% lifesaving level. This presentation will dive into the details of Florida animal shelter intake, outcomes, and regional disparities in comparison with national trends. In addition, The University of Florida’s new statewide animal shelter database for data reporting within the Shelter Animals Count system and for enhancing communication during disaster responses will be unveiled.

See you in Orlando!