Comparison of direct-rehoming websites from an animal shelter perspective

Small kitten with toy houseWhile providing support to keep pets with their current families is a growing focus of animal welfare, it’s not always possible. But entering the shelter in search of a new home isn’t usually in the pet’s best interest. What is? Going directly from their current home to their new home.

Animal shelters can be extremely stressful environments for cats, dogs, and other pets. Animals may become sick or develop behavior problems due to this stress. While a foster home can alleviate this problem, it’s often the case that the pet already has a place they can wait for a new home: their current home.

To serve this need, shelters have begun implementing relationships with a number of websites that allow pet guardians to list their pets and respond to adoption inquries. The three most prominent sites integrate the animal shelter in the process to varying degrees from a simple referral to a shelter-branded, dedicated website.

A new downloadable chart compares the functionality and services offered by these three leading rehoming services: Home to Home, Rehome by, and

Features compared include:

  • Type of pets
  • Fees, if any, for shelters
  • Adoption fees
  • Owner and shelter requirements
  • And more

View and download “Rehoming Technology at a Glance” here.