Distemper survivor hitches ride with Santa to new home

Our program, headed up by the dauntless Dr. Cynda Crawford, answered the call to assist many shelters this year with distemper outbreaks. One of those shelters was BARC in Houston, and one of the dogs hit by the outbreak was Lorenzo. With a little help from Santa, he’s having the happiest of happy endings!

Lorenzo was one of the index cases for the big distemper outbreak at BARC that started July 4th. He was transferred from BARC by Rescued Pets Movement, a dog transport nonprofit in Houston. He stayed in a foster home for recovery. After 6 months, he finally stopped shedding virus, and as you see from the pictures below, rode with Santa to his new home in Colorado last week.

Lorenzo and Santa     Lorenzo and Santa

We heard from Kiersten Thoma, Director of Foster and Rescue Operations for RPM, who wrote, “Thank you for all you did for RPM, BARC, our rescue partners, and everyone in between. It is unanimously agreed upon that without you, we would have lost so many pets and rescue partners. You took the time to teach us the right way to track, treat, and move forward. We worked to follow your guidance and without fail, we made it through with so few casualties. On top of all this, you are still available to me (and a lot of rescue partners of ours) at the drop of a hat. The amount of time and effort you have spent with us alone is astounding and so very appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving so many lives.”

Thank you, Kiresten and everyone at RPM and BARC, for working so hard to save the affected dogs and stop this from happening again! We’re honored to have been part of Lorenzo’s story.