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We are here to help you! The Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida advises veterinarians, students, and shelter professionals regarding topics in shelter medicine. Please understand that we cannot offer treatment advice for animals we have not seen. nor provide answers to specific medical questions unless you are a veterinarian working in or providing assistance to an animal shelter. Due to the overwhelming volume of inquiries, we ask for your patience in receiving a response. We encourage you to search our various resources for an answer to your particular question.

  • If your shelter needs help dealing with an increase in the severity or number of infections of any type, please begin by reviewing Dr. Cynda Crawford’s Frequently Asked Questions about Infectious Disease Outbreaks document.
  • Then complete and submit the contact form while providing as much information as possible, including the type of disease and the number of animals involved.
  • After completing the form, notify Dr. Crawford at 352-258-9263 or email her at

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