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Kittens using laptop

Online training in Fear Free for shelter and rescue staff is here (and it’s free!)

Published: Aug 21st, 2019

Introducing a free online training course specifically designed for shelter, rescue, and animal welfare organization staff and volunteers.

Kitten in fleece

How one organization keeps kittens out of shelters

Published: Aug 16th, 2019

Around three years ago, Operation Catnip director Audrey Garrison looked around and realized everyone was drowning in kittens.

Shelter housing image courtesyMurphy Foto Imagery

An expert talks about animal shelter housing and how to make it better

Published: Aug 9th, 2019

We recently spoke with Heather Lewis about the challenges facing animal shelters when they try to upgrade their housing.

ear tipped cat

Study: High intensity sterilization of free-roaming cats reduces populations with least death of cats

Published: Jul 31st, 2019

The study simulated seven different management strategies for reducing cat populations.

Adopt me vest

Are sleepovers and short-term fostering good or bad for shelter dogs?

Published: Jul 25th, 2019

“These programs are a great way to give dogs a break from the daily stressful environment of an institutional setting,” said Dr. Cynda Crawford.

Dr. Linda K. Lord. Photo courtesy of The Ohio State University

In Memory of Dr. Linda Lord

Published: Jul 19th, 2019

Linda Lord, DVM, MS, PhD, was a pioneer in research that has helped countless pets stay out of shelters.

Dr. Jeff Fortna and friend

How a UF Shelter Medicine grad is helping change animal sheltering in Michigan

Published: Jul 10th, 2019

What happens when a 9-year veteran of a municipal shelter gets a Master’s Degree in shelter medicine? He helps shelters across his state benefit from what he learned.

Portrait of a white cat with heterochromia (odd-eyes) looking directly at viewer. American flag in background. Patriotic animal theme.

Happy Independence Day!

Published: Jul 3rd, 2019

Happy Fourth of July from all of us to all of you! We hope it’s a safe one for you and your animals.

Dr. Amelia Sikora

Is shelter medicine the pinnacle of veterinary practice? This intern thinks so

Published: Jun 26th, 2019

Some students come into veterinary school without knowing shelter medicine even exists. But for Dr. Amelia Sikora, shelter medicine is all there’s ever been.

Dante enjoying his catnip pillow with Sarah Kirk, at the San Juan municipal shelter

Focus on shelter medicine doubles adoptions, lifesaving at Puerto Rico shelter

Published: Jun 14th, 2019

Read more about the next chapter in the story of Villa Michelle Albergue Animales shelter in Mayagúez, Puerto Rico.