How You Can Help: Support Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program


Mother snuggles kitten

Will you provide a brighter future for homeless pets?

Shelter pets need you!  Your gift will:

  • Train a shelter vet for every shelter pet
  • Support lifesaving research
  • Provide assistance to shelters in need

Please make a gift today.

Helping Shelters Succeed

The Shelter Medicine Program is working to develop new tools to help shelters succeed, but we can’t do it alone! It’s no secret that the programs of the Shelter Medicine Program depend on your goodwill. Please join our vision and do what you can to bring the day nearer when we can assure that every cat and dog can enjoy a comfortable and enriched life.

Every dollar you share goes towards training new shelter medicine specialists, engaging veterinary students to become tomorrow’s humane leaders, discovering new knowledge to solve old problems, and visiting shelters to help them reach their goals. Your contributions make it possible to provide life-saving care for sheltered animals who could not otherwise be saved.

Together, we share a hope for a tomorrow where every cat and dog can enjoy a comfortable and enriched life.

Tell us what touches you and we’ll connect your support with a program that matches your passion.

What You Can Do

Make A Donation

Planned Giving

There are a variety of “planned giving” vehicles available to support the Shelter Medicine Program. Each offers opportunities for commitments that will have a major impact upon university excellence; contributions that have powerful, enduring impacts for the animals – and for you.

Other Ways to Help

  • Honor tributes
  • Workplace giving
  • Program sponsorship