Give a Bequest, Trust or Estate

Gifts You Can Share

Find out how you can benefit the University of Florida and yourself at the same time.

  • No Loss of Control

    charitable bequest enables you to keep control of your assets during your lifetime and make a gift to the university at your death. You will be entitled to an estate tax deduction for the fair market value of the assets bequeathed to UF for the benefit of the Shelter Medicine Program. To ensure compliance with your wishes, help obtain state matching funds and receive important recognition, it is important to document your estate commitment with the foundation.

  • Give Now and Share with Family Later

    Upon placement of assets into a charitable lead trust, the trust will pay income for one’s lifetime or a term of years to the Shelter Medicine Program. After expiration of the trust’s term, the trust principal is either returned to you or distributed to designated beneficiaries. This arrangement is an excellent method to transfer assets to your heirs while minimizing gift or estate taxes.

  • A Charitable Deduction Waiting for You, No Change in Life Style

    retained life estate arrangement is the transfer of a home or farm to the foundation while you retain the rights to its use for your lifetime. Upon death, the asset passes to the foundation for the benefit of the Shelter Medicine Program. You will be treated as having made a charitable contribution to the extent of the value of the remainder interest.