Dr. Julie LevyProfessorships

Exemplified by world-class scholarship and instruction, endowed professorships and chairs are among the most significant awards conferred to faculty. Income from these funds provides salary and resources for program development that enable educators to pursue projects at the forefront of their fields.

Because they foster exceptional opportunities for teaching and service, endowed positions are fundamental to the University of Florida’s mission.We are proud to recognize the inspiring array of individuals and organizations honored by endowed professorships and chairs at the University of Florida.

A Gift of Far-reaching Dimensions

The shared vision of these benefactors has created a legacy of achievement for our institution. Learn more.

Endowing a professorship in Shelter Medicine is one of the most meaningful contributions to the health and welfare of companion animals possible. Assuring that top faculty are available to guide animal shelters to reach their full potential, inspire veterinary students to contribute to this field, and to create new knowledge to solve old problems is a gift of far-reaching dimensions.

Our Faculty Relies on Grants and Donations

The Shelter Medicine Program is staffed by 3 faculty members who currently depend on grants and donations to remain in a position to continue the Shelter Medicine Program. The creation of endowed professorships for these positions is a primary objective for our supporters so that this important program can carry on in perpetuity.

Endowment Funds are invested and managed by the University of Florida Foundation to provide a steady and reliable income stream for the Shelter Medicine Program forever. Endowments may be named to honor the donor or some other appropriate person.

A permanently funded faculty position in Shelter Medicine requires an endowment of at least $1.5 million.