The skills you need to save lives

The Shelter Medicine Program at UF (SMP) offers specialized training to veterinary students, veterinarians, and shelter professionals. Our training and education program is designed to equip veterinary leaders with the skills they need to make a difference in the lives of animals and communities.

Programs for Veterinary Students

Our veterinary students are passionate, altruistic, and in search of career opportunities that are professionally fulfilling. We are proud to provide training in Shelter Medicine to these inspirational students.

Shelter Medicine Program curriculum includes topical online courses, clinical clerkships, in-shelter externship experiences and more. Veterinary students at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine may also complete the Professional Certificate in Shelter Medicine, an internationally recognized credential that documents intensive study and expertise in this specialized discipline.  

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Programs for Veterinarians and Shelter Professionals

Advanced training for veterinarians in Shelter Medicine is a core component of our program. Whether at a weekend conference or during a year-long internship, we are committed to building a corps of highly skilled Shelter Medicine practitioners. And training in Shelter Medicine is especially important for veterinarians whose DVM curriculum did not include this specialized training.                     

Veterinarians and veterinary students are not the only practitioners who can benefit from the Shelter Medicine Program. Veterinarians, technicians, and shelter managers are invited to participate in our programs to advance their knowledge, and take advantage of the education services that we offer.