Continuing Education

In addition to our unique shelter medicine course work, Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program offers and participates in a variety of learning opportunities for veterinarians, veterinary students, and shelter practitioners and staff.

Online Course

Compassion Fatigue Strategies

This is a unique, self-paced, online class designed to support people who work with animals. In this course, you will establish a foundation of knowledge to help you better understand and transform your experience with compassion fatigue.

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Online Course

Fear Free Shelters

This program will empower you to apply key strategies and techniques designed to reduce the negative emotional states that are commonly experienced by shelter and rescue animals—including fear, anxiety, stress (FAS), and frustration—and increase their enrichment opportunities. This program is suitable for every individual involved in the care and oversight of shelter and rescue animals.

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Online Course

Maddie’s® University

Maddie’s® University is an online learning management system that comprises a full catalog of classes to help you learn the A to Z’s of all things animal welfare.

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Online course

Shelter Assessment Course

This course provides foundational learning in the shelter assessment process for veterinarians and shelter leaders interested in exploring or expanding their professional skills in shelter consultation.

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