Compassion Fatigue Strategies Plus

The Spring 2023 Session is now open for registration! Register by 12/31/22 to save $99 off the registration fee. Registration at the regular rate of $299 will begin 1/1/23.

Compassion Fatigue Strategies Plus is a unique online course designed to support people who work with animals. In this four-module, self-paced course, you will establish a foundation of knowledge to help you better understand and transform your experience with compassion fatigue (aka empathy strain), burnout, and stress.

The Spring Session will begin 02/06/2023 and conclude 04/02/2023.

The course will help you recognize signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue, burnout, and vicarious trauma, learn how to reduce stress injury, increase your self-care and team-care practices, build compassion satisfaction, restore resiliency, and make successful changes in your life and in your organization.

In live calls and recorded modules, you will learn critical resilience skills, such as: self-awareness, self-regulation + grounding techniques, intentional perspective + cognitive reframing, self-care and setting limits, social support and debriefing, and how/when to seek mental health help. The live calls will be on Tuesday evenings (2/16/23, 3/2/23, 3/16/23, and 3/30/223) at 8pm ET. Calls will be recorded and shared for those unable to attend the live session.

This class is a personal exploration to help you build the self-awareness necessary to manage the impact of compassion fatigue and other workplace stressors. Please be aware that the class work can be emotionally challenging.

By the end of class you’ll have a variety of practical strategies to help you manage and transform your experience with compassion fatigue and reduce overall stress. You’ll have a better understanding of yourself and how to engage in self-care that works for you, as well as how to support your staff using vicarious-trauma informed approaches, so that you can be well, while you continue to do good work!

Course Schedule

This is a self-paced, asynchronous course with the exception of 4 live calls (all students welcome) with the course instructor, Jessica Dolce. All of the calls with Jessica are recorded for those who cannot attend live. Students typically spend an average of 2 hours per week (15-20 minutes a day) moving through the 4 learning modules of this course. This equates to about 1 module every two weeks, for a total of 8 weeks.

Required Resources

No texts are required for this course. All readings and resources are contained within the online course management system.


Registration for this course is completed via the University of Florida’s Distance Learning department using the “Quick Registration” platform. The self-paced course materials are delivered entirely online through UF’s e-Learning platform (Canvas). Early Registration Fee: $200 through 12/31/22. Regular Registration Fee: $299 beginning 1/1/23. This course has a limited enrollment class size and may be filled prior to the beginning of the course.

Veterinary Continuing Education Credits

This course is the equivalent of 15 contact hours for Veterinary Continuing Education in the state of Florida. Students taking this course from other states will need to contact their licensing board for guidance. This course has also been approved for Certified Animal Welfare Administrator Continuing Education Credits. Those students who are Certified Animal Welfare Administrators through The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement are to keep a record of the time spent in this course to apply for the credit.

Course Instructor

Jessica Dolce

Jessica Dolce is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator via the Green Cross of Traumatology, receiving her training through The Figley Institute and Tend Academy. She helps animal care and welfare professionals to navigate compassion fatigue and cultivate resilience, so that they can make a positive impact for animals and create a life that they truly enjoy. Jessica brings more than twenty years of experience working with and for companion animals to her classes, workshops and coaching. She is an adjunct faculty member at the Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida and her project, Dogs In Need Of Space, provides practical, emotional support to dog owners and animal care professionals around the world. Jessica earned her Master of Science in Adult and Higher Education from the University of Southern Maine and holds certificates in mindfulness facilitation, organizational secondary traumatic stress, and positive psychology coaching. You can find Jessica online at