Scientific Poster Writing Workshop

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Course Number:
VME 6934


Course credit:
1 graduate credit toward the Master of Science in Veterinary Medical Sciences with a concentration in Shelter Medicine


Students should choose their Capstone Project prior to taking this course.

Science posters deliver a powerful message because they make use of the human penchant for pictures: we are a visual species! This also means posters need to be carefully planned to communicate a clear message to an audience who is on the move. In this workshop, you will plan a poster suitable for conference presentation, which can also be modified for office use. To make best use of your time, have the information you wish to posterize at the workshop. We will talk about crafting a clear message, choosing text, selecting images, designing the layout, delivering the poster, and ways to modify for a public audience.

Lead Instructor

Micky S. Schafer, PhD
Mickey Schafer self-identifies as a lapsed linguist teaching discipline-specific prose. She considers this work a species of applied linguistics — part anthropology, part composition, part language studies. Recent experience delivering workshops to graduate students, faculty, and practicing scientists of various stripes has made her really curious about ways of professionalizing writing practices — for instance, if labs regularly meet to discuss the latest publications, why are they not meeting to report on writing progress? Adding this kind of social interaction to writing projects (a.k.a., “writing groups”) would make for powerful motivation that moves researchers from data production to publication more efficiently — a path to peaceful, productive, plentiful prose!

Required Resources

No texts are required for this course. All readings and resources are contained within the onli