Challenges and Controversies Facing Bully Breeds: Special Projects

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Course Number: VEM 5912 & VME 6934
Supervised Research (Special Project)

Semester Credit Hours: 1-3

Term: Offered periodically.

Course Overview

This course explores the special challenges faced by animal shelters in dealing with unwanted pit bulls and other bully. Topics include breed prejudice, myths, breed characteristics, temperament evaluation, and dog fighting using a combination of directed reading, videos, webinars, web-surfing, shelter visits, and attendance at the Blood Sports forensics conference.

Most activities are self-paced and students are encouraged to collaborate with each other. Students are encouraged to complete the majority of the required reading and viewing assignments over the fall holiday breaks to avoid conflict with spring semester courses.

Course Coordinator

Levy_featuredDr. Julie Levy

Maddie’s® Professor of Shelter Medicine
at the University of Florida


2011 Bully Breed Course Student Seminar

2011 Bully Breed ClassThis course was offered in 2011 to University of Florida (UF) veterinary students, whose final project was to create an educational seminar for the UF College of Veterinary Medicine and local animal welfare organizations. View their presentations below.

Section 1: Breed Identification

Section 2: Breed Discriminatory Legislation

Part 1

Part 2

Section 3: Dog Fighting

Part 1

Part 2

Section 4: Responsible Bully Breed Ownership

Part 1

Part 2