Spay/Neuter Externships

Goals for Spay/Neuter Externships

Student externships described here are only available to students enrolled at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Non-UF DVM students are welcome to contact the shelters directly to inquire about externship opportunities.

  • Increase efficiency and skill in performing spay/neuter surgery.
  • Understand safe and effective anesthetic and analgesic protocols.
  • Implement techniques to improve efficiency in a high quality, high volume setting (i.e. smaller incisions, pedicle ties, Miller’s knots, flank spays, etc.).
  • Learn safe and efficient techniques for pediatric sterilization.
  • Learn safe and effective techniques for feral cat sterilization, if available.
  • Enhance technical skills such as intravenous catheter placement, tracheal intubation, and surgical preparation.

Watch this video to see how much fun you’ll have with a spay/neuter externship!

Approved Agencies

The agencies listed below have been reviewed and are qualifying externships at the University of Florida, unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in pursuing an externship at an agency not listed here, visit the Host an Extern page to access the application for new agencies.

Best Friends Animal Society

View detailed externship information. | Visit the agency website.

See the detailed externship document linked above for more information about this externship, or visit the agency’s website.

Greenville County Animal Care

View detailed externship information.  | Visit the agency website.

Greenville County Animal Care Spay/Neuter Clinic performs spay/neuter on both shelter animals and public animals. At the moment, we offer spay/neuter services to anyone, discounted prices to those on government assistance. We have a wellness clinic which is open to anyone on government assistance and we have a vaccine clinic on Tuesday nights which is open to anyone.

Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center

View detailed externship information.  | Visit the agency website.

We are a large, open admission county shelter that impounds up to 20,000 animals per year. The goal of the externship is to provide training in high-volume and pediatric spay/neuter surgery, with exposure to other types of common surgeries performed in shelters such as amputation, enucleation, wound repair, cystotomy, cherry eye repair, entropion repair, mass removal, etc. In addition, the student will be exposed to other aspects of shelter medicine beyond surgery, including sick and injured examinations, animal cruelty investigations, infectious disease control, etc.

Humane Alliance of WNC, Inc.

View detailed externship information. | Visit the agency website.

Humane Alliance offers senior veterinary students an exciting off-campus experience that introduces them to the concentration of high-volume high-quality spay/neuter, the choice that saves lives. Course work includes intensive hands-on medical and surgical experience. This encompasses every aspect of a patient’s experience with us including disease control, patient assessment and selection, behavior, patient preparation, mechanics of sterile surgical technique, record keeping, anesthetic and pain management protocol, and patient monitoring and support. We provide service to healthy canines and/or felines that are good surgical candidates. Our 13,000-square foot facility has six surgery suites and can accommodate 250 patients at one time.

Humane Society Naples

View detailed externship information. | Visit the agency website.

The Humane Society Naples is a limited admission non-profit organization operating in SW Florida that shelters and adopts 3-4000 dogs, cats, and small mammals, per year. The animals we shelter come from private owners, county animal services, as well as out of state and out of country shelters. We receive no government funding and rely solely on adoption fees and charitable donations from individuals. We operate a cage-free, guaranteed adoption system.

Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine

View detailed externship information  | Visit the agency website

Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine accepts senior veterinary students from other colleges to participate in a 2-week elective clinical program. Working out of a Mobile Veterinary Clinic and under the guidance of experienced high-volume spay/neuter surgeons, students will perform surgeries at 6 to 8 animal shelters in North Mississippi.

Planned Pethood Spay, Neuter and Wellness Clinic

View detailed externship information  | Visit the agency website

Planned Pethood is a program of the Humane Society of the Piedmont and performs over 9,000 spays and neuters a year. We care for privately owned as well as shelter dogs and cats. Externs are expected to learn and work on surgical techniques and improve their confidence and speed. Externs are welcome to practice at the wellness clinic, as well.

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