Pre-course Homework


Homework Assignments to complete PRIOR to your arrival

Assignment 1: Pediatrics

Please review the “Pediatrics Seminar” training video prior to your arrival since we will be demonstrating surgery on the first afternoon.

  • The video is 51 minutes long and although it is focused on pediatrics, it demonstrates the techniques we will be using in this course on all of the cats.


Assignment 2: Paradigm Shift

Please watch “Making the Case for a Paradigm Shift in Community Cat Management, Part One.”

  • After watching the video, please complete and submit a “Minute Paper.” The paper should literally take a minute to complete. You will answer 3 questions and submit them online at
  • Minute paper questions:
  1. List at least one new concept or fact you discovered as a result of this presentation?
  2. What question(s) did the presentation raise for you or what would you like to know more about as a result of this presentation?
  3. How useful and/or practical did you find the information in this presentation?

We’ll use the ideas in the minute papers to help kick-start our discussions in the course. Don’t worry – we won’t use your name!