Externship Award Application Form

Externship Award Application 2019

  • Applicant

  • Externship awards are available to students who are completing a shelter medicine and/or spay/neuter externship during 2019.

    Only externships at agencies outside of Alachua County are eligible for expense reimbursement awards.

    Awards are distributed as reimbursements. Please review this document to understand qualifying expenditures and required documentation. Questions regarding reimbursements can be sent to Michelle Laramie at mlaramie@ufl.edu

  • Please provide the best mailing address to use for reimbursements.

  • Please choose an agency from the approved list. *If the agency is not currently on the approved list contact Chrissy Sedgley for further details prior to submitting this application, csedgley@ufl.edu

  • Please provide the address of the shelter where you will be doing your externship
  • Please forward any questions to Chrissy Sedgley at csedgley@ufl.edu.