Cat Depot Externship Award

We are grateful to a donor for generously sponsoring this externship award. Thank you!

Award Details

Expense reimbursements will be awarded to students taking an externship at Cat Depot in Sarasota, Florida.

How do I apply?

Applications will re-open in January 2019, click here to apply once the application period has opened.

Cynthia Kathir, UF CVM Class of 2018, celebrates her 100th spay surgery during an externship at Cat Depot.

Cat Depot Externship Award

Eligibility: UF CVM junior or senior veterinary students enrolled in the Professional Certificate in Shelter Medicine who will be attending a two-week externship at Cat Depot during 2018.

Frequency: Up to 3 recipients per year

Award: Up to $3500 reimbursement for qualifying expenditures related to the Cat Depot externship

Selection Process: This is a competitive award based on academic excellence and demonstrated dedication to the practice of shelter medicine. Students must submit a complete application consisting of an essay (300-word maximum) describing their previous experience with shelters, their plans to gain hands-on experience in an animal shelter prior to graduation, and their career goals. Students must also submit a current resume and a current transcript. The Shelter Medicine Faculty Awards Committee meets to select the winners.