Conference Presentations

2014 Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference7th Annual Maddie's Shelter Medicine Conference

Attendees at the 2014 shelter medicine conference were treated to comprehensive talks on a range of issues facing shelters and shelter veterinarians. Now you can watch all of the 2014 conference presentations through our online video library. From the evolution of adoption programs to cat capacity in shelters, learn about the latest research from shelter medicine experts.

2013 Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference

2013 conference wide

The centerpiece of the 2013 Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference was a series of presentations from leading veterinarians and experts, offering participants an overview of life-saving techniques for shelters and new details on the latest research and findings from the field of shelter medicine.

2011 Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference

From infectious disease issues to management considerations like standard operating procedures, from vaccination protocols to anesthesia and pain management, 2011′s speakers brought their diverse experience to shed some light on some of the challenges of practicing Shelter Medicine. Thanks to Maddie’s InstituteSM, you can view the 2011 presentations for free online.

2010 Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference

Our presentations from the 2010 conference include a trio of sessions from Dr. Kate Hurley on shelter cat health, a peek at the new ASV Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters, and infectious disease threats like parvovirus and distemper.