2013 Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference

Browse this selection of videos featuring presentations delivered at the 2013 Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Conference, in partnership with the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets National Conference in Jacksonville, Florida.




Dr. Jennifer Broadhurst: How to Save More Kittens with Kitten University



Dr. Amie Burling: Updates on Spay Neuter Research

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Dr. Staci Cannon : Evidenced Based Parvo Treatment



Dr. Cynda Crawford: Beyond Kennel Cough



Dr. Cynda Crawford: Canine Circovirus



Dr. Cynda Crawford: How, When and Who to Test for CIRDC (snippet for How-To videos)



Dr Michele Gaspar: Techniques to Reduce Stress in High Intensity Practices



Dr. Julie Levy: Tail Vaccination in Cats

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Dr Sandra Newbury: Ringworm Part 1: Can You Beat Ringworm? Yes You Can (Ringworm 101)



Dr Sandra Newbury: Ringworm Part 2: Outbreak Response



Dr. Katherine Polak: Recuvrya


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