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Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at University of Florida is excited to present these free educational materials for public access.

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Animal Sheltering in Seoul

In 2013 the municipal government of Seoul contracted with the local Veterinary Medical Associations in 6 districts and with the Korea Animal Rescue and Management Association (KARMA) in 19 districts to provide animal-sheltering services.

Dr. Yoonju Cho, currently a Visiting Research Scholar at MSMP, discusses developing a centralized and uniform method for collecting and reporting shelter data from each of the 25 districts to better track incoming animals, outcomes, and health conditions of the pets over time. She proposes that, with such data, better use can be made of resources and targeted interventions to humanely reduce the number of strays in the city.

Learn more about Dr. Cho here.

Creating a Training Environment at Colleges of Veterinary Medicine

What opportunities exist for veterinarians and veterinary students to train in shelter medicine? What are the trends? What are the challenges?

Dr. Julie Levy, Director of MSMP, spoke on this topic at the 2011 Innovations in Education Conference at the Oregon Humane Society. Below you can view her presentation on Creating a training environment for veterinary students and shelter specialists at the University of Florida.

Shelter Crowd Control: Keeping Community Cats Out of Shelters

Dr. Julie Levy gives an overview and analysis of the community cat population and examines the principles and practicalities of humane cat management in this recorded version of Shelter Crowd Control:Keeping Community Cats Out of Shelter.

Maddie’s  Institute is pleased to offer this program for CE credit to veterinary professionals. To learn more and register for the program, please visit Maddie’s Fund.

2011 Bully Breed Series

This series of educational videos course was the final project of 2011 UF veterinary students who created it for the UF College of Veterinary Medicine and local animal welfare organizations.

Section 1: Breed Identification

Section 2: Breed Discriminatory Legislation

Part 1
Part 2

Section 3: Dog Fighting

Part 1
Part 2

Section 4: Responsible Bully Breed Ownership

Part 1
Part 2