Sara L Bennett

Sara L Bennett, DVM, MS, DACB

Adjunct Lecturer In Shelter Medicine

Department: Small Animal Clinical Sciences
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About Sara L Bennett

Dr. Sara Bennett is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences, in the Behavior Department at the College of Veterinary Medicine of North Carolina State University. She spent 3 years in general practice in Southwest Indiana before returning to Purdue to complete a residency in Animal Behavior with a Shelter Medicine focus and Masters of Science. After board certification, she practiced veterinary behavior in the Chicago and greater Midwest area seeing private patients and consulting with a variety of sheltering organizations for several years. She particularly enjoys addressing problem behavior in sheltered and rescue animals, helping to protect animal welfare, making these pets more adoptable, working to strengthen the budding human-animal bond and to help keep these animals in their new homes.


Fear Free Certified
2018 · Fear Free

Teaching Profile

Courses Taught
VEM5320 Shelter Behav/Welfare
VME6812 Shelter Animal Behavior and Welfare

Board Certifications

  • Certification
    American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB)


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Master of Science in Veterinary Clinical Sciences
2012 · Purdue University
Residency – Shelter Animal Behavior
2012 · Purdue University
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
2006 · Purdue University

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