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Maria A Serrano, DVM

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department: Small Animal Clinical Sciences
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About Maria A Serrano

Dr. Maria Serrano is the Chief Veterinarian at Miami Dade Animal Services (MDAS) and Clinical Assistant Professor of Shelter Medicine at the University of Florida. During her career, she has practiced small animal, zoo, laboratory, emergency, and shelter medicine. Dr. Serrano joined MDAS in 2009, rose to Chief Veterinarian in 2011, and was appointed as Forensic Veterinarian in 2015. In her role as the Forensic Veterinarian, she has testified in over 1000 cases as an expert witness, providing a voice for victims of animal abuse. Under Dr. Serrano’s leadership, MDAS, one of the largest shelters in the country, has achieved unprecedented success, reaching positive outcomes for over 90% of the animals in their care. Dr. Serrano has served on numerous MASH campaigns globally, fulfilling her passion for providing free veterinary services to underserved pets throughout the world.


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Professional Certificate in Shelter Medicine
2015 · University of Florida
Educational commission for foreign veterinary graduates
2007 · Louisiana State University
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
2001 · Universidad de La Salle – Colombia

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