Florida Shelter Animal Census: 2022-2023 Data Submission

We’re collecting required data from Florida shelters. Be sure your shelter counts. 

What’s in the Census:

The Florida Animal Shelter Census consists of two parts that will be used to record an accurate snapshot of shelter animal dynamics during 2022 and 2023 in the state of Florida.

The Intake and Outcome Database (shelter data) collects canine and feline intake and outcome data for calendar years 2022 and 2023 (Jan 1 through Dec 31).

The Shelter Description (details about the shelter) collects information such as budget, staffing, and transports of animals into and out of the state of Florida.

Part 1

Intake and Outcome Database

The Intake and Outcome Database worksheet will help you gather your shelter animal data before submission. Shelter Intake and Outcome Data is needed for calendar year 2022 and for calendar year 2023 (Jan 1-Dec 31).

Part 2

Shelter Description

The Shelter Description worksheet will help you gather your shelter’s information before submission. A few questions to identify your shelter (name, etc.) and some basic information about your shelter budget, staffing, and operations

Submitting 2022 and 2023 Data for Your Shelter

Thank you for contributing to the Florida Shelter Animal Census. Contact Keegan Spera if you missed the deadline or have data corrections to make.

Ways to Submit Your Census Information:

The Shelter Description survey and Shelter Animals Count Intake and Outcome Database form may be submitted in the following ways:

Frequently Asked Questions for Shelters

1. Would my organization be considered a shelter?

  • The Florida Shelter Animal Census defines a shelter as a continuously occupied “brick and mortar” physical facility that houses cats and dogs temporarily for the purposes of animal control and protection. Common examples include shelters operated by municipalities, humane societies, and SPCAs, but can also include private businesses. Foster-based animal rescue organizations and sanctuaries with a permanent population are not included in the Florida Shelter Animal Census.

2. Are Florida animal shelters required to release shelter data upon request?

3. What shelter data is required for the Florida Animal Shelter Census?

4. Can I run a shelter software report to provide shelter data?

  • Yes! Shelters with Animal Shelter Manager, Chameleon, PetPoint, Shelterluv, Shelter Buddy, or Petstablished can easily run a report based on the Shelter Animals Count Intake and Outcome Database.
  • In most shelter software systems, the report will have “Shelter Animals Count” or “Basic Data Matrix” in the title. Configure the report for the appropriate calendar year (Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2022 or 2023), run the report, and export to PDF. Attach the PDF files in an email and send them to keegan.spera@ufl.edu

5. I already report data in Shelter Animals Count. Do I need to complete the census as well?

  • If your shelter is enrolled in Shelter Animals Count (SAC) and a member of the Florida Shelter Data Coalition—University of Florida, your data entered in SAC will be carried over to the Florida Shelter Animal Census automatically.
  • NOTE: You will need to provide permission to use your data for our research and complete some basic information about your shelter budget, staffing, and operations since this information is not available in SAC.

6. How do I enroll my shelter in the Shelter Animals Count Florida Shelter Data Coalition?

  • We encourage your shelter to join the data coalition if it is not already a member. First, enroll your shelter in SAC at https://shelteranimalscount.org/register. Then look for our “Florida Shelter Data Coalition – University of Florida” under “Coalitions” and request to join.
  • You MUST be opted in to data sharing for your organization and data to be available to coalitions.

7. What if I don’t have data, or what if it is incomplete?

8. Is there a deadline for submitting shelter data?

  • The deadline for completing the census was February 21, 2024. Contact Keegan Spera if you missed the deadline or have data corrections to make.

2022-2023 Shelter Animal Data Completion Map (updated 4/18/24)

2022-2023 Shelter Animal Data Completion Report (updated 4/18/24)

Shelter 2022 DATA 2023 DATA County
Abandoned Pet Rescue Complete Complete Broward
Adopt a Cat Foundation Complete Complete Palm Beach
Alachua County Animal Resources Complete Complete Alachua
Alaqua Animal Refuge Complete Complete Walton
Animal Aid, Inc. Complete Complete Broward
Animal Control of West Florida INCOMPLETE INCOMPLETE Washington
Animal Refuge Center Complete Complete Lee
Animal Rescue Force of South Florida Complete Complete Palm Beach
Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County Florida Complete Complete Charlotte
Atlantic Beach Animal Control Complete Complete Duval

This table shows completion of shelter animal data submission for calendar years 2022 and 2023. “Incomplete” indicates missing data. “In Progress” indicates a shelter actively working on their data submission. We are familiar with a variety of shelter software systems and are happy to assist with your data collection if needed. Please let us know if you see any errors, shelters missing from our list, or shelters that are no longer active.