Disease Prevention and Response in Animal Shelters

The following sample protocols represent evidence-based standards of care from various industry guidelines and published peer-reviewed articles. They are constructed for a fictitious municipal shelter (Gatorland Animal Services) with a full-time veterinarian and veterinary technicians. The purpose of these protocols is to provide a template or starting point for shelters in creating their own protocols. While these sample protocols represent current best practices, they are not a “once-size-fits-all” document, and some steps may need modification to fit available shelter staffing and resources. The sample protocols will be periodically reviewed and updated according to emergence of new evidence and guidelines.

Disease Prevention

Preventive Healthcare Protocols

Disease Response

Mange Mite Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols

Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Protocols

Feline Infectious Respiratory Disease Protocols

Parvovirus Treatment Protocols

Feline Ringworm Diagnosis and Treatment

  • If your shelter needs help dealing with an increase in the severity or number of infections of any type, please begin by reviewing Dr. Cynda Crawford’s Management of Disease Outbreaks in Shelters.
  • Then complete and submit the contact form while providing as much information as possible, including the type of disease and the number of animals involved.
  • After completing the form, notify Dr. Crawford at 352-258-9263 or email her at crawfordc@ufl.edu