Request Assistance with an Infectious Disease

We Can Help

If your shelter needs help dealing with an increase in the severity or number of infections of any type, please contact us.

Shelter Disease Isn’t Standard

A unique combination of factors comes together in a shelter environment: high population density, admission of animals with unknown history of disease exposure, lack of protective immunity, stress, parasites, inadequate facilities, and improper infection control procedures.

But disease doesn’t have to be the standard!  Our veterinarians can help you:

  • Identify which infectious diseases are causing problems
  • Utilize diagnostic testing to manage outbreaks without resorting to depopulation
  • Analyze operations to determine risk factors for outbreaks
  • Evaluate outcomes through surveillance and adoption/euthanasia statistics

The Consequences Can be Terrible

When infectious disease strikes in an animal shelter, the consequences can be terrible.  Recently, we’ve seen a number of highly publicized cases involving thousands of dogs in several shelters throughout Florida and other states.

These disease problems have a major impact on the welfare of the cats and dogs in shelters. Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program is pleased to offer assistance to shelter veterinarians and shelter leadership who are dealing with these challenges.