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Infectious diseases in dogs rescued during dogfighting investigations

Published: Dec 9th, 2016

It was once the case that dogs seized in dogfighting busts were routinely euthanized. Today, many such dogs are being saved, so an exploration of common infectious and other diseases of fighting dogs is necessary.

Infectious diseases in cats rescued from hoarders

Published: Nov 16th, 2016

Animals seized from hoarding situations frequently suffer from conditions including enteric and respiratory infections, retroviruses, dermatophytosis, malnutrition, and other evidence of neglect.

Getting the Scoop on Cat Poop

Getting the Scoop on Cat Poop

Published: May 8th, 2012

This project will help us understand which pathogens are present in shelter populations and will enable shelter veterinarians to create informed treatment plans and prevention strategies.

Tracking Infectious Disease After Katrina

Published: Dec 13th, 2011

When Hurricane Katrina devastated communities along the coast, rescue organizations from across the country stepped in to support displaced companion animals.  But testing nearly 500 animals revealed infectious disease concerns […]

Request Assistance with an Infectious Disease

Request Assistance with an Infectious Disease

Published: Oct 14th, 2011

When infectious disease strikes in an animal shelter, the consequences can be terrible. If your shelter needs help dealing with an increase in the severity or number of infections of any type, please contact us.