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Shelter Animals Count

August 2023 eNews

Compassion Fatigue - Shelter Overcrowding - Veterinary Clinic Management - Shelter Statistics - Heartworm - Behavior - Access to Veterinary Care

November 2022 eNews

Dr. Crawford honored – Shelter intake up – Free e-book on community-based sheltering – Shelter Medicine Mentorship Program – and more …

2016 Animal Sheltering Statistics

Haston R, Abbondanza M, Buckman J, Cosby-Jennings S, Dixon J, Fricke I, Haworth D, Ippoliti-Smith M, Kelley N, Levy JK, Kent S, Kilmer V, McHugh-Smith J, Pedersen L, Robertson J, Reed A, Telford J, Thompson S, Webber D, White S, and Zeidman S. 2018 Shelter Animals Count.