Dr. Amelia Sikora in Puerto Rico

Shelter Medicine Internship: Make a difference for animals from Alaska to Puerto Rico

Do you have a deep, personal passion to change the world for shelter pets? If this is you, then you might be our next shelter medicine intern!

Caring for dogs recovered from a meat trade theft ring

Pet dogs stolen for Vietnamese dog meat trade reunited with families

Fifty-one pet dogs stolen by a ring supplying the cruel dog meat trade in Vietnam have been reunited with their grieving families thanks to a multi-agency bust last month.

Halloween cat lying on bed with pumpkins

Dont get spooked by Halloween pet adoption promotions

“The idea that shelters should suspend black cat adoptions around the holiday is widely considered a myth.”

Sterilization indicator tattoo on female cat who has already been spayed

A thin green line can stop unneccessary spay/neuter surgery before it starts

Since 2010, the Association of Shelter Veterinarians’ guidelines for Spay-Neuter Programs has recommended “the use of a simple green linear tattoo to identify all neutered pet animals.”

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