Kitten in fleece

How one organization keeps kittens out of shelters

Around three years ago, Operation Catnip director Audrey Garrison looked around and realized everyone was drowning in kittens. “We were working with a lot of caregivers who brought in female […]

Shelter housing image courtesyMurphy Foto Imagery

An expert talks about animal shelter housing and how to make it better

We recently spoke with Heather Lewis about the challenges facing animal shelters when they try to upgrade their housing.

ear tipped cat

Study: High intensity sterilization of free-roaming cats reduces populations with least death of cats

The study simulated seven different management strategies for reducing cat populations.

Adopt me vest

Are sleepovers and short-term fostering good or bad for shelter dogs?

“These programs are a great way to give dogs a break from the daily stressful environment of an institutional setting,” said Dr. Cynda Crawford.

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