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veterinarian or shelter worker wearing glove holding paw of dog

UPDATED 3/30/20: Important COVID-19 information for animal shelters

Published: Mar 30th, 2020

The Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida continues to monitor the developing situation as animal shelters cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Why must we suspend spay-neuter surgery during the pandemic

Published: Mar 29th, 2020

The public health emergency that is upon all of us with COVID-19 calls all of us to action.

Online learning for shelter and rescue workers

Published: Mar 25th, 2020

Shelter/rescue staff and volunteers have an opportunity to take advantage of many online educational options — mostly free — for the animal welfare community.

Brown puppy in the arms of a veterinarian

COVID-19: What animal shelters need to know about the new coronavirus

Published: Mar 3rd, 2020

With the emergence of a novel coronavirus, COVID-19, as a global pandemic threat, animal shelters may be faced with a number of difficult challenges.